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Big brands and 3D Printing Technology

Two years ago, 3D printers were considered a novelty so you can imagine how new this technology is. However, today this technology is being utilized not only in manufacturing but also as an effective tool for brand marketing. Many clients are using 3D printers in gimmicky and fun-filled ways while others use the technology in more serious ways. 

Here are a few examples of how companies are utilizing 3D printing: 

• In Israel, Coca-Cola wished to introduce mini bottles, for which it collaborated with Gefem Tel-Aviv for fun 3D printing to engage the consumers. Consumers got a chance to create digital mini-mes. A few lucky ones also won a chance to visit the factory and turn the digital objects into real objects using 3D printing. 

• Happiness Brussels and DVV recently showed the forgetful consumers the benefits of 3D printing. They introduced a new service, “Key Save”. This would enable the customer to save the digital print of their keys on a secure server. In the event of loss of key, a 3D printing device will generate a new key. 

• Before the Coca-Cola’s Israel event, BlaBlabLab came up with Ooh installation with which tourists to Madrid could carry home a special souvenir in the form of small action figures resembling them. 

• Nokia also has started a project named Nokia 3D Printing Community that makes a 3D printing kit available to the customers of Nokia Lumia 820. This kit can be used to print new covers for the mobile phones. 

For more such interesting insights into the 3D Printing world visit http://feps2012.org for its directory submission.

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