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The Key Players of Data Management

The nascent data management platform industry has found its powerhouse in Adobe that has become the top choice among the competitors. 

In order to better categorize their audiences, the marketing firms are looking forward to merge the data they have with the third parties. This has uplifted the data management platform, making it one of the hottest segment related to advertising technologies in the last couple of years. 

Forester has identified some of the key players in its latest version of Wave report. This is the first attempt by Forester to conduct an evaluation of the market. One of the giveaways of the report is that Adobe which entered into the business of data service only a few years back has now become a full-fledged powerhouse. However, adobe is also taking a risk of offering too many services which become difficult to differentiate because it becomes a crowded field. In the Wave Report a few companies with DMP offerings have been included. A few of them are Adobe, Blue Kai, Knotice, X+1, nPario and Aggregate Knowledge. While working on this report, Forester focused only on those firms which have a minimum DMP client base of 10. The report has analyzed their strategies, market presence and the current offerings. 

Joanna O’Connell, the Principal Analyst for Forester who wrote the report said that the DMP sector is still in its infant stage. DMPs usually rely on cookies with the third parties and target segments of audience. A number of directory submissions are available on http://cospar2012india.org, you can refer these to know more about DMP.

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