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Inspirational Quotes about Life by Stuart Hodgson

7 September, 2013: Well-known freelance graphic designer Stuart Hodgson, has just released a newly self-published book containing inspirational quotes about life. Divided into sections, such as quotes on happiness, motivational quotes, wisdom & love, the book has been well-received and has been an inspiration to those who have read it. 

The book compliments the web-site http://www.inspirational-quotes-about-life.net - and basically collates all the quotes on that web-site into a handy format. In Stuart's own words, this is what inspired the book: 

"I just love quotes and the way they get straight to the point, the way they condense a wealth of wisdom, knowledge or insight into a single statement or sentence. You could say quotes have the highest wisdom density you can get in a single sentence. And when time is precious in this busy life - you may as well get straight to the point eh? 

You could say I love philosophy too, in the original sense of the word. Because philosophy as a term originated from the greek ‘philos sophia’ - which means ‘love of wisdom’ - and in a nutshell, that is precisely what this book is dedicated too – A love of wisdom. (well this simple layman’s version of it! I’m making no claims to be a wise person here! 🙂 

I guess the making of the book has been over quite a few years. First I just used to note down or keep a copy of quotes that I came across, then when I realised that I had quite a few quotes - I thought I would create a website to collate these quotes into some sort of order. I also wanted to share with others some of the useful snippets of wisdom that I had come across and had helped improve and shape my life - in the hope they might help others too! And so the website http://www.inspirational-quotes-about-life.net came into existence! But I’m also a fan of the printed page and books, and thought it would be a good idea to collate the quotes from the website into a book - just to have lying around - ready for me to dip into now and again to refresh the old memory! Initially I have only printed a handful of books to give to friends & family - but one day - I’d love to get quite a few printed to share on a bigger scale - who knows" 

You can purchase a copy of this inspirational book on the web-site http://www.inspirational-quotes-about-life.net

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