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DynAdmic Comes To the Rescue of Ad Agencies Worldwide

Many ad agencies of the world will now face the dark ad exchanges market with dynAdmic. Most of the people are scared of the dark world. In similar way the online video advertising industry is facing the same problem. The ad exchanges are turning out to be the big monster for such agencies. Amidst all of this fear dynAdmic came up with a proprietary audio technology that effectively analyzes video’s audio track and classifies it based on the various categories and keywords. This new audio technology is enlightening many advertisers to carry out successful online video advertising. 

According to some reports this even went on to demystify the ADEX and showed the world that even the dark things might have a bright heart hidden inside. Stephane Bonjean, the co-founder and CEO stated that they provide a 3 level brand safety that includes a URL & site, video contents and a video player which effectively helps their clients sleep peacefully at night. They ensure brand safety by allowing wide targeting options through which you can target a specific group of audience. A source also said that the trust between dynAdmic and its worldwide clients is due to total transparency. 

DynAdmic has turned out to be a great place for online advertisers who look to purchase online video advertising inventories. There is a lot more to this on http://hkedu.biz with an additional directory submission which will help you get a better view of dynAdmic.

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