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Gym-Talk Announces The 6 Best Adjustable Dumbbells on The Market

9 September, 2013: A popular bodybuilding website from the UK has evaluated a range of adjustable dumbbells and presented its findings in a recent post. For more information, continue reading this press release.

The home workout market has witnessed a significant boom in recent years as increasingly busy professionals and fitness enthusiasts look to find more efficient ways of exercising at home.

One particular area of growth has been the adjustable dumbbell market. Owing to their convenient space-saving features, impressive functionality and ease-of-use, these items of equipment have found themselves in very high demand.

In light of this recent surge in popularity, Gym-Talk, one of the world’s leading bodybuilding websities, has carried out an in-depth assessment of the market’s foremost adjustable dumbbells, helping its readers to make more informed decisions when it comes to parting with their hard earned cash.

The website, which has generated an enormous buzz in bodybuilding circles and on social media platforms since it launched earlier this year, identified the six best adjustable dumbbells as: Bowflex SelectTech 552, Ironmaster 75lb Quick-Lock, Weider SpeedWeight 120, Universal Power-Pak 445, Bayou Fitness Pair, and Powerblock Elite 90.

These adjustable dumbbells were assessed on a number of factors, including value-for-money, durability, ease-of-use, effectiveness, and practicality.

A spokesman for the rapidly growing website said: “One of Gym-Talk’s principle aims is to help our readers with their questions and quandaries with bodybuilding, and we identified the adjustable dumbbell market as a key area of concern.

“The problem is that there is a huge variety of different products from many different manufacturers on the market, and a lot of bodybuilders, especially the ones that are just starting out, simply do not know where to begin.

“With this article, we essentially wanted to simplify their decision making process when investing in adjustable dumbbells, and we couldn’t be happier with the way the article has come out.”

For more information about adjustable dumbbells, or to learn more about Gym-Talk, visit the website at http://www.gym-talk.com. To contact the Gym-Talk team, either send a message using the contact form on the website or connect with them via their several social media profiles, such as Google Plus.

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