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Tenants Can Now Have Immediate Solution to Sheriff Notice to Vacate in California

California; September 9, 2013: Foreclosures can be unfortunate and can leave a tenant or a previous home owner clueless about how to handle the situation. The Sheriff notice to vacate is served following the foreclosure and the notice recipient has just five days in hand to vacate the property. However, attorneys at 866eviction.com think that five days is a short notice to vacate the property, find a new accommodation and shift the entire household. They now extend their legal assistance to make sure that a homeowner or a tenant gets more time to vacate a home in a peaceful and organized manner. 

The law firm maintains that if a person fails to vacate a property after receiving the Sheriff Lockout notice, he or she may have to face a stern action from the Sheriff Office. The Sheriff may plan a forced lockout and may prearrange a time with the banker, real estate agent and also the locksmith to plan an action, if the person doesn’t vacate the property within the specified time. Thus, it would become impossible for a person to avoid the foreclosure and will have to vacate the property immediately when the Sheriff and his team arrive at the site. 

“An individual cannot delay the eviction without seeking a legal help. We specialize in safeguarding tenant rights and offer them specialized protection against the 5 day notice to vacate”, reveals an attorney of the firm. The attorneys of the firm quickly come into action when their clients receive a notice from the Sheriff’s office in California. They seek court’s intervention to defer the eviction for a sufficiently long period, until the client finds it comfortable to move his or household rather peacefully. 

The attorneys at 866eviction.com are knowledgeable about the Californian law and they file a writ of possession to safeguard the interests of the tenants when a Sheriff action for a forceful eviction becomes imminent. By filing a writ of restitution in the Californian court, they attempt at bringing respite to a tenant and make sure the person gets ample time to plan his move. 

Anyone in California seeking a legal help to avoid a forceful eviction when the Sheriff serves a notice can now visit the website http://www.866eviction.com/#!sheriff-5-day-lockout-notice/c1nkp

About 866eviction.com 

866eviction.com is a law firm based in California that works for the legal rights of the tenants in the state. The law firm believes in educating renters about their legal rights as a tenant and provides them with the necessary knowledge and legal assistance. The firm strives to bring the best possible solution to the tenants under the legal framework of California. 

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