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Kerneli offers porta potties for free to disaster hit victims

When Moorhead was hit by the storm, Kerneli Portable Toilets proved indispensible to the victims who were rendered homeless. When disasters like this hit a populated area, many homes are damaged and people are rendered homeless. It causes havoc to both life and property. The very first negative outcome of such a situation is the outbreak of epidemics resulting from the lack of sufficient and hygienic sanitation facilities.

The direct contact to feces and vomit with air, water and human beings causes fatal diseases like cholera, cryptosporidiosis, hepatitis, etc. In order to prevent the outbreak of these epidemics the Kerneli Portable Toilets embarked on a philanthropic mission. Hours after the storm hit, Kerneli workers started setting up clean sanitary facilities in areas that were worse hit by the storm. Kerneli made sure that the best Moorhead MN Portable Toilets were supplied for free to the victims in distress.

With the help of Kerneli, the Moorhead administrators were able to reach out to the people in time with proper sanitary facilities. Thanks to the company, the disaster hit Moorhead MN reported less number of infections among the distressed victims and zero epidemic outbreaks. The Moorland MN disaster management board has encouraged all residents to always keep enough stock of portable toilets for each family member to be ready for storms like this year.

A standard porta potty consists of an easy to lift handle and is easy to carry around. These porta potty are meant for campers and trekkers. As for the bigger portable toilet, it is modern in design and self-contained in itself. It is a plastic outhouse and is available in different shades of colors. The interior is three by seven feet long, which is spacious enough for a single occupant. It consists of a toilet seat and a urinal. To obtain other details regarding portable toilets Moorhead MN kindly visit http://www.kerneli.org/potties/mn-portable-toilets/portable-toilets-in-moorhead-mn/


Kerneli Portable toilets is one of the nation's largest and most popular portable toilets website. It has expanded its base to over almost all the cities and towns of the country.

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