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Indonesian SEO Expert Establishes Syamsul Alam Konsultan SEO

10 September, 2013: Syamsul Alam, the owner of the largest free business courses online that are offered in Indonesia, recently announced that he established a company he called Syamsul Alam Konsultan SEO that will be engaged in Search Engine Optimization, which goes with an aim to help business owners in reaching the goals they have for their commercial properties. 

The main objective of the said newly established company is to offer its clients with the most effective pieces of advice and practices which are related to SEO. What the company wants is to help the small businesses in Indonesia to become popular online by increasing the visibility of their websites in the different search engines like Google. 

Syamsul Alam Konsultan SEO will be fairly different from the other SEO consultation firms or companies that offer various search engine optimization services. Most of these companies perform SEO without taking the fundamental steps which are very important. These tasks involve site audit, website’s crawlability condition and repairing the internal linking of a website. This company will make sure that the websites of its clients will be search engine-friendly before proceeding on the more complex steps like building backlinks. 

This company is different from the other companies when it comes to building links. Instead of including several links from the unreliable sources, Syamsul Alam Konsultan SEO will make sure that the website of its clients will be linked from a trusted domain. The truth is that the company comes with a strong connection with the enthusiast bloggers with associated niche to its clients. 

The management of the company believes that back linking is one of the most effective means to generate web traffic for a website. This will work efficiently once the links to be used are placed on the best websites. This is why Syamsul Alam Konsultan SEO is ensuring that all of its clients’ websites will be linked from any reliable domain. 

It is expected that the people most especially the business owners in Indonesia will be aware about the existence of Syamsul Alam and his newly founded company. The management is hoping that they will be encouraged to visit the official website of the company to find out how the firm can help them with their goals. 

Syamsul Alam Konsultan SEO is a new company online that is mainly focused to provide ideas, tips and pieces of advice about SEO. This firm is determined to help the small businesses in increasing the visibility of their websites to grab the attention of their potential clients. 

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For Media Contact:
Company: Lusmo Inc.
Contact: Syamsul Alam
Address: Housing Magersari I 12 A.
Telephone Numbers: 0318946420
Email: admin@alampintar.org

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