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The King Kong Rocker Is “Moving On” With His New Album Release!

Calumet Park, IL, Sept., 11 Also known as “The King Kong Rocker”, Tenry Johns came from humble beginnings in a small town in Mississippi. Discovering quickly that he had a talent for music, he began his first band while still in high school at the age of fifteen. Following his graduation in the mid 1960’s Johns and his family relocated to Chicago, where he connected with his cousin, and notable Chicago singer songwriter Johnny Drummer.

During his time playing regularly with Drummer, Tenry Johns and his collaborators formed the Johns Bros. Band, which featured artists Denise LaSalle and Bill Coday. It wasn’t until years after performing with his band that he drew the attention of Marvel Records, who worked with Johns to release his first four-song EP. After the release of his first album and the breakup of his band, Tenry Johns focused on writing and producing his own music. His latest release titled “Moving On” is his fourth self-produced release.

In keeping with his unique style, new album “Moving On” provides listeners with upbeat, bass-driven blues grooves with the occasional touch of country twang. Having played with some of the most notable blues musicians in the Chicago area, the crispness and purpose of each note reflects a style that can only be described as one-of-a-kind. In a blues world where generic is often the widely-acceptable sound, Tenry Johns produces music that has the ability to clear a dance floor and remind listeners of the flexibility of the blues genre.

“Moving On” as well as the previous releases from Tenry Johns are available on CD Baby. More information on “The King Kong Rocker” can be found on his personal website http://www.tenrymusic.com .

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