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The Most Positive Place on the Net is launching and is looking for writers and contributors.

13 September, 2013: The Most Positive Place on the Net proudly announces the launch of its new website at TheMostPositivePlaceOnTheNet.com. This exciting new website will create a forum that shares positive news stories emerging across the world and currently seeks individuals interested in contributing as writers. If you are interested in providing the public with a sense of positivity each day, then you are strongly encouraged to take a look at this site and see what it is has to offer. 

The Most Positive Place on the Net was established by people just like you, who want to create alternatives to the barrage of hostile, negative, and salacious stories we are barraged with each day by the media and many internet communities. There is clearly an alternative to today’s media and the onslaught of sensationalism which is woven into the fiber of major media. There are so many positive contributions to society, inspirational stories, and uplifting events that deserve to be showcased but are simply ignored by mainstream media more interested in promoting the shortcomings of individuals in society. Our community is designed to showcase the positive stuff taking place across the globe in spite of the many terrible stories heard on the news every day. There is so much pain and suffering that genuinely exists in our world, sensationalizing by the media only serves to hide the real truth under a wave of stories highlighting the shortfalls of celebrity relationships, the shortfalls of athletes, and the moral shortcomings throughout society. Our goal is to get people to see that there are far more positive efforts, contributions, and activities out there that we rarely hear about. 

The focus of the site is to send out positive messages to other people and to encourage them to view the world around them in an optimistic manner. Each of us has the ability to view life through a positive mindset and see the silver lining no matter what the world doles out. Right now, the team at TMPPOTN.com is linking up with content contributors and writers from all parts of the world to create stories that will be instantly memorable and enjoyable to read. 

There are no real requirements for contributors with regards to experience or knowledge. The only expectation is that the stories and articles are uplifting, truthful, and share a positive perspective. The editors want to retain this positive requirement going as a means of creating an uplifting and morally supportive website that utilizes the power of positivity to help lift up the spirits of our readers, to recognize individuals and organizations that make a positive difference in our communities, and share the bright side of life in manner that helps every visitor leave the sight feeling better about themselves, with an understanding of how they can individually make a difference, and with a positive view to the world at large. 

There are six categories that The Most Positive Place on the Net will focus on upon its launch. These areas of initial focus will be: Inspiration, Motivation, Good News, College, Sports and Senior Living. Additional categories are expected to be introduced over time as our contributing community grows. Writers from all walks of life are welcome to consider writing for one of these areas of focus and to surface ideas that will allow us to expand our offering as the site grows in content, readership, and acceptance. 

To help our community grow, a special subscription service known as the "+ Thought of the Day" will send an uplifting thought, story, or anecdote each morning to the email inbox of subscribers. This free service is a simple way of starting anyone's day off on the right foot. 

The launch of The Most Positive Place on the Net is expected to bring out more writers over time as our positive message and community grow. TMPPOTN.com encourages you to visit the site now if you are interested in becoming a founding contributor and helping to launch this initiative. The Most Positive Place on the Net will be a place that is devoted all to the great and positive things that people don't always think about but should start to see when exploring the world for what it is all about and how great it can all be.

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