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Learn How to Lose Weight Fast

USA; 09/14/2013: The latest buzzword with every person associated with weight loss is garcinia cambogia that has taken online and television health programs by storm. This supplement is extracted from the rind of a small pumpkin-like fruit sometimes known as tamarind. Some studies have shown that a person using this supplement is able to lose weight two to three times quicker when compared to someone who does not use it. This product acts as a dual action fast burner, which curbs the appetite and prevents the buildup of fats. This results in the person losing up to ten pounds or more in a month without making any modifications to your diet plan and excessive workouts. 

The small green fruit has been used in several locations around the world, such as Africa, India, and Asia to add flavor to the cooking. In some Malaysian places, this extract is taken before meals to prevent weight gain as it has appetite suppressing capabilities. One advantage of this fruit is that it is not expensive making it one of the most affordable ways to lose weight. A research based on a clinical study of obese participants showed that an average person lost seventeen pounds within twelve weeks of commencing the use of this supplement. The research proves the extract can be safely consumed for twelve weeks without suffering from any negative side effects. Beyond this period, the studies are not clear on its safety as several side effects were seen among the participants. 

The extract is derived from the tamarind, which is a fruit commonly found in Southeast Asia for several centuries. Because it is naturally extracted, the possibility of negative side effects is not very high. Some people have complained of stomach upset or gastric sufferings especially in individuals who are sensitive to similar items like squash or pumpkins. An important point to be considered by people who are contemplating this supplement is that it is not compatible with Alzheimer’s medication and if you are diagnosed with this disease, you should not consume the extract. 

Any person who wants to lose weight for health and fitness purposes can use this supplement. It is advisable for an individual to consult his or her health care person before starting on this product. If you are struggling with effective weight loss, or need to boost your metabolic activity, or want to kick off the carbohydrates can use this supplement to see visible effects. A placebo-controlled study included sixty overweight people for a period of eight weeks. These individuals were asked to restrict their calorie intake to twelve hundred per day and HCA dosage of one thousand three hundred twenty milligrams per day was provided. The participants witnessed significant reduction in their appetites and lost more than twice the weight when compared to people who were using placebo. 

Combined with the Paleo diet, you can enjoy significant progress towards achieving your weight loss goals. Being lean provides you the opportunity of enjoying a healthier lifestyle and keeping other diseases, such as heart trouble, cholesterol, and high blood pressure associated with obesity at bay. For reviews and testimonials, you can visit http://www.solusdirect.com/ . 


Garcinia cambogia is derived from the Southeast Asian fruit commonly known as tamarind. This green pumpkin-like fruit extract is advantageous in curbing your appetite and preventing fat accumulation helping you lose excess weight.

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