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What is 5:2 Fast Diet and which is the best weight loss supplement to go with it?

16 September, 2013: It all started in United Kingdom with Dr. Michael Mosley, a very well-known British TV host and his documentary “Eat, Fast and Live Longer” originally aired on BBC. It laid the foundations to a new kind of diet called 5:2 fast diet, a type of intermittent fasting diet. The basic principles behind it are that you eat normally for 5 days and fast yourself for 2 days, which are non-consecutive. During the fasting period the person following this diet should reduce the amount of calorie intake to 500 for female or 600 for male. 

Also, what is very important, is what kind of food to eat on fasting days. The focus is on protein rich food, because when the protein is injected into the gut the body starts producing more hormone called PYY. Why is that important? PYY is present in human body at any given time and it is believed to help suppress appetite. So when an additional portion of protein finds its way into the body (via food, meal replacements, fitness supplements) more of PYY is produced and it helps reduce the appetite. Another way to control the appetite is to drink a lot of water, because it reduces hunger pangs. Great help to control appetite is also a new fasting supplement on the market to go especially with the 5:2 diet called 5:2 Fast Formula. It creates a feeling of fullness through its water-binding effects and thus acts as an appetite controller. 

Avoiding too much carbohydrates is also crucial with this diet. Adding wholegrain breakfast cereals, pasta or bread is also proven to keeping you fuller because of the fibre it contains as it has a slowing effect in the gut. Vegetables and fruits are perhaps most obvious choice because not only they make the stomach feel full but also from a psychological point of view – they are bulky and take a lot of space on the plate and thus they make the dieter feel like it is presented with normal-sized portion, providing a psychological boost. Again, drink a lot of water or tea, because combined with food increases satiety. 

What are the main disadvantages of the 5:2 fast diet? First, it gets some time getting used to last whole day with just 500 (or 600) calories. It is hard at the beginning but after some time and with right meal planning it should not be a problem. Controlling the appetite during fasting days can be achieved easily with 5:2 Fast Formula supplement. Apart from this it also has other positive effects. It provides your body with essential vitamins (such as B2 and B12) and minerals (iron and copper) lost whilst fasting. 

Another problem people who start with this diet face is lack of energy, tiredness and fatigue. 5:2 Fast Formula addresses this as well because it increases energy levels and reduces fatigue. It is also a source of antioxidants, contributes to normal energy yielding metabolism, normal function of the nervous and immune system, normal iron transport in the body and normal cognitive function. 

For more information, some recipes and results from people following 5:2 diet visit the site http://52fastdietpills.com .

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