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Fans debate on whether it was worth the 75 years of wait for Legend of Korra.

16 September, 2013: Exactly 75 years after the Last Airbender began the legendary Legend of Korra (TLOK). It is about the life of Korra who is the 17 year old avatar hailing from the Southern Water tribe. As a legend, Korra masters the art of water, life and earth bending. She moves to the city of Republic to complete her training on earth bending. Tenzin is her master who is the son of Aang. The adventure of the series starts at Republic city, which strongly supports the anti-bender revolution. 

Korra undoubtedly offers a more complex and interesting plot than the Last Airbender. Although there is a villain in Amon, one cannot help but admire his goal. It is the method he uses to achieve his goal is questionable morally. The buildup is fast yet so complex that no one can tell when it will finally reach a conclusion. The finale is filled with frenzy and keeps the viewer at the edge of his seat. When put together, the series in its entirety surpasses all expectations. The entire legend of Korra episodes is available at anime fate. There was a lot of criticism against the last two episodes but there were equally a lot of praise. Either party passionately supported their stand about the last two episodes. You can watch legend of Korra episodes at the anime fate website, which offers an endless list of not just the most watched, but also the rare animation series. One can get even those animations that cannot be procured anywhere. 

Anime fate is essentially the platform for all Legend of Korra fans to get in touch with each other and share the passion for the series. This is why Korra fans love this site because of the reason that they are constantly updated with the latest legend of Korra information and also can get in touch with other fans. To get more information on this please go to http://www.animefate.com/series/avatar-legend-of-korra/ 


The anime fate offers the entire series of the Legend of Korra. What makes this website stand apart from the others is that it offers a dedicated forum for Korra community and allows participation from all individuals who have anything to share about the series.

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