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It’s “Salsa Time” For Fans of Latin Jazz-Fusion!

Parkland, Florida, Sept. 17, 2013 The artistic influence of Kenny Quintero can be traced back to previous generations. The brother of his grandfather, Placido Acevedo was the director and founder of Quartero Mayari of Puerto Rico, a staple of the Latin genre. His grandmother was the acting composer of their music, and the outfit featured Quintero’s uncles and father performed as guitarists in the group. This familiarized Quintero with stringed instruments, and led to the formation of the 12 piece group Orquesta Brava, which he now fronts and plays acoustic bass for. 

Having been featured worldwide on radio and television outlets, the first album of Orquesta Brava titled "Salsa Salvaje" was purchased by Showtime and used on the hit production Dexter. In addition to breaking into American media, the band has experienced success on Latin networks including Telemundo, Univision, Tefutura, and Azteca TV. The main draw of the Latin jazz outfit is their dedication to Latin American music heritage and improvisation, which was featured on hundreds of radio stations and television networks worldwide. 

Each track on the recent album “salsa time” is rich in acoustic presence and modeled after live performances rather than using excessive recording elements. The result is a finished product that is polished, yet captures the unpredictability and visceral nature of live Latin music. Recorded using Pro Tools combined with vintage recording techniques, Salsa Time features famous names in recording such as Nino Segarra, David Pabon, Richard Bravo, Victor Del Rosario, Mario Ortiz, and more. 

"Salsa Time" deviates from the modern trend of electric recording and is an organic breath of fresh air for Latin and jazz. Their music is avaialble for purchase on Rhapsody, Reyes Records, VIera Discos, CD Baby, Amazon, and a variety of physical music outlets. Orquesta Brava is also currently available for booking world wide! For more information regarding Kenny Quintero Y Su Orquesta Brava, latest news, and the unique production that is Salsa Time, visit their website at http://www.orquestabrava.com or their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/#!/kenny.quintero.7 . 

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