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New Book Reveals How to Fart Louder, Longer, and on Command!

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; 16 September 2013: Lighten up and learn how to pass gas louder, longer, and stronger without soiling your undies. 

A fart is a way of expelling intestinal gas through the anus and is often audible and combined with odor. Most people are embarrassed to fart publicly. Breaking wind is often put on hold until they are alone while some do it as quietly as possible. Some camouflage the act by combining it with laughter just to hide the sound. Some blame others and pretend like they are not responsible. 

While most people find farting vulgar and offensive, it is a very normal and natural bodily function everyone does. Like burping, farting is a way your body releases the gas that builds up inside your stomach. Releasing this gas relieves that bloated feeling you often get after eating, and holding it off can actually be pretty painful. 

Passing wind is essential for good health. But apart from it being normal, it is also widely regarded as being funny in many circles. In fact, this is one way to start a good laugh in the middle of a tense situation or boredom. While some people avoid it, some would rather master the art of farting and practice it as often as they want. 

Now there is a fearless way to learn how to fart. All the information you need to know is combined into one good read - How to Fart Louder, Longer, and Stronger without Soiling Your Undies by Dr. R. Sole. Ph.D. It may be a small, quick book but it shows you the best techniques on how to fart on command. The book is written in a funny style for a laugh, but underneath really is a “how to” guide on fart control…how to release wind with a bang whenever, wherever you want. The book is featured on http://goodpranks.org/ . 

This book holds information on how to build fart pressure and increase smell with scientific food combining, and how to release it at will with advanced bowel control, without creating skid marks. Master this technique and use it to your advantage. Clear a long line at a ticket box, get a good seat on a train or bus, create a mystery by dropping the bomb and have everyone guessing, start a good laugh – the possibilities are endless. 

The book holds the key to start launching unlimited fart attacks. For more information, check the hilarious video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDfUQNlH9MI or better yet, get the Amazon Kindle book http://www.amazon.com/How-To-Fart-Stronger-without-ebook/dp/B00EWQ22RW and share it with your friends and loved ones. For a limited time download now for just $2.99. Access this book today in case it gets banned.

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