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European Waterways Highlights Up And Coming Burgundy Events

17 September 2013: The summer may be coming to an end in the UK, but in Burgundy the weather is still pleasantly warm, making it the ideal place to enjoy a late-season holiday and make the summer last that little bit longer. 

Now, European Waterways is highlighting some of the main events taking place in Burgundy over the next month, all of which could be interesting attractions for anyone who decides to book an autumn barge holiday in the region. 

One of the main events takes place in early September: the Wine and Folklore Festival. European Waterways suggests that visitors to the region can enjoy this culinary and musical festival in Dijon and other towns in the surrounding area. The region is well known for its fine wines, and this is the perfect way to enjoy this side of life in Burgundy. 

Another popular culinary festival is the Bread, Wine, and Cheese Fair. This festival takes place in the city of Beaune in mid-October, and showcases some of the most popular food and drink in the region. 

Dijon International Gastronomic Fair starts at the beginning of November and lasts a few days and the Spice Bread Festival is held at the beginning of December. 

La Fête du Cassis in the region of Nuits St. George is another popular event that celebrates Cassis, a sweet liqueur made from currants. People who visit this fair will discover that it is not just a drink, but is actually used in bread, cheese, pastries and more. 

Autumn is one of the best times to go on a barge holiday in the region, according to European Waterways. Not only do visitors get to enjoy all of the above events, but they also get to do so with fewer crowds. The countryside is really spectacular at this time of year, and the slightly cooler days make it the ideal time to enjoy some sightseeing, all while enjoying the leisurely pace of a barge hotel like L’Art de Vivre or the Anjou. 

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