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Connecticut Tax Attorney writes a blog article to Help Explain Everything about the Connecticut Tax Amnesty program

Connecticut, USA, September 17, 2013: The Connecticut Department of Revenue (DRS) Services has started an Amnesty program on September 16th, 2013 which will last until November 15, 2013. The Connecticut Tax Amnesty program is applicable on all types of taxes that are administered under the DRS of Connecticut. However, the motor carrier road tax is not included in this amnesty program. The benefits of the amnesty will be available to non-filer taxpayers. 

The amnesty program could be very advantageous to delinquent and deficient taxpayers who file an amnesty application. Now, the leading Connecticut Law firm, 4thelaw.net comes forward to explain the benefits of this amnesty program and encourages people to file for the amnesty. According to the firm, if someone files an amnesty application, the person may enjoy the Department’s mercy. The applicant may not have to face a criminal trial initiated by the Department and won’t have to pay any civil penalties. Attorney Thomas S. Groth writes a blog article that offers all relevant details about this amnesty program and will educate people to take the best advantage of it. 

Attorney Thomas and his law firm offer excellent services to defend small business owners who are charged with tax related crimes in Connecticut. Attorney Thomas, however, sees it as a great opportunity to seek official pardon in a tax evasion related matter and hence has drafted this informative article on the ongoing Connecticut Tax Amnesty program. He maintains that his article is easily comprehensible and readers will understand how to prepare an amnesty application to claim its benefits. 

Speaking about the need and importance of the amnesty program, Attorney Thomas says, “You can never be too careful when dealing with DRS. Taxpayers should speak with a professional to make sure that they are eligible and that participation is in their best interest." According to him, the CT DRS has always been strict toward the defiant taxpayers. However, a professional legal assistance can force them to change their attitude, ensuring a more lenient treatment in favor of a taxpayer. One can access the blog article for full details on the amnesty program by following the link http://taxmachine.us/connecticut-tax-amnesty-begins-today/ . 

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