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Puff Nuggs Launches New Non Stick Concentrate Containers

PuffNuggs.com, a US based company that started operations this year , today announced the launch of their latest offering – Non Stick Concentrate Containers. The containers are meant for keeping honey oil or concentrates among others. Sources confirmed that the containers are non-stick and are made of platinum plated molds from silicon. When contacted, a representative of the container said, “We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our new non stick concentrate containers. You can keep all your sticky concentrates and take them out with ease without leaving anything on the sides of the jar.”

Sources confirmed that the containers comes with a number of other properties as well including shatter resistance, heat resistance of up to 500 degrees, reusable and discrete. The jars are freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. Food grade silicon is used to manufacture the same. The containers also come with a non-stick silicone band to keep the ingredients tight and safe in harsh conditions.

The products are developed and designed in the USA.   The product also boasts of a twist top, that makes closing and opening of the case easy. The representative added, “We have a revolutionary product that pays for itself.” Sources confirmed that the company retails a few other products as well that are quite popular among the masses. These include vaporizer pens and wax vaporizers.

The containers are available in the pack of five, 10, 20 and 50 and the customers can select any as per their needs. You can see the youtube video here   http://youtu.be/Q41NcbxRgGA. Experts confirmed that the company is also offering the product at attractive prices and that is likely to attract a lot more customers. Marc, a renowned marketer based in New York said, “The company is offering quality products at affordable prices and that pretty much ensures the success of the same in near future.”

The Containers are available at http://www.puffnuggs.com/concentrate-containers.html


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Puff Nuggs is a USA based company that started operations in 2013. The company believes in continuous improvement of the products and services they offer and in the continuous strengthening of relationships they build with the customers.


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Contact Person: James Pendrix

Website: http://www.puffnuggs.com/

Contact Number: 1-540-995-5466

Email: HeadSpace13@gmail.com

Address: 639 Bay St, San Francisco CA 93134

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