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Gap Africa Projects Offer Rich Opportunities For Coaching Abroad In Africa

18 September, 2013: Coaching abroad in Africa offers the opportunity not only to teach young African children the wonders of their chosen sports, but also to give the more talented a rare chance to overcome their local limitations. Serving as a sports coach also opens up opportunities for self-exploration, as well as connecting with other cultures that would not have been possible with other volunteer jobs. And for these compelling reasons, Gap Africa Projects offers the chance to get involved in two places in the continent: in Ghana and in South Africa. 

Perhaps more importantly, coaching abroad in Africa allows those who are looking for ways to spend a useful gap year to put their enthusiasm into action. While some young people choose to volunteer in their own local community and, for example, help out in a soup kitchen, the more adventurous people are likely to head further afield in order to extend a hand and help others. 

Many children in Africa are innately talented when it comes to sports, and their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn can be a reward in itself. Moreover, a sports coach’s work mission is simply to cultivate and nurture talent that already exists and take it to another level by discovering hidden talent that may further ‘shine’ in the arena of international sports. 

Coaching abroad is just one of the rewarding learning opportunities offered by Gap Africa Projects. Founded by pioneer Nicholas Christie, Gap Africa aims to give people a chance not only to travel safely through Africa, but also to make a positive contribution to its development and the conservation of endangered species. Gap Africa Projects is one of the UK’s leading organisers of African tours and gap year projects and the company’s two-pronged mission is to provide people who are on sabbatical leave or having a gap year with a deeply meaningful way to experience the excitement and beauty of the continent. 

About Company: 

Established by people with a deep passion for Africa and its welfare, Gap Africa Projects consists of a team of individuals who share that same passion and are very knowledgeable about the continent and its environment. For more information about the company, as well as its opportunities for coaching abroad, please visit the website at http://www.gapafricaprojects.com/ . 

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