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Embark on a ‘Photo Expedition’ Through Rome

The months of September and October are considered the best times to undertake a so-called ‘photo tour’ throughout the city of Rome, and photography enthusiasts may need only a few hours to rest and refresh after completing their Ciampino airport transfers procedure, before heading out. Tourists who are interested in capturing the city’s many faces through their camera lenses have an exciting array of options. Playing with angles at the Colosseum can produce magical photos as photographers play with the stunning light and shade against a stark blue sky. St. Peter’s Basilica, on the other hand, can offer the photographer rich opportunities to play with contrasting scales or undertake a photo study of crowds. The city’s numerous piazzas, alfresco dining places, churches, souvenir shops, art museums and palaces are perfect material for the amateur photographer. 

After arriving on one of the Ciampino airport transfers , tourists may join a pre-arranged group made up of other photography enthusiasts who meet at cafes and restaurants in the city. A simple online search may turn up a number of advertisements or postings for photography group meets. On the other hand, tourists can also choose to strike it out on their own and discover the photographic potential of the city in their own time. 

In any case, Rome’s distinct character, its long and chequered history, and its magnificent architectural wonders and artistic artefacts make it an immensely interesting ‘playground’ for photography enthusiasts. It is also very accessible as tourists can be out in the streets minutes after arriving on one of the Ciampino airport transfers. To ensure a completely hassle-free experience, especially considering transport for groups, individuals or families, tourists may hire the services of a respected company such as Shuttle Direct. When it comes to taking care of a traveller’s transport needs to and from their destination, Shuttle Direct can be trusted to manage and handle all the inconveniences, leaving the tourist nothing but a worry-free trip. 

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Shuttle Direct is part of Viajes Alameda, which was founded more than 30 years ago to serve the leisure and business traveller. It takes great pride in ensuring the utmost convenience for clients when helping them book airport transfers, as well as other travel-related services. For more information about the company, please visit http://www.shuttledirect.com . 

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