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New Mixtape from Martym0ndays Titled PurpleMew Is Emerging as the Next Big Thing in Chicago Rap & Hip-Hop Music

Chicago, USA, September 20, 2013 -- The promising hip-hop star of Martym0ndays hits it again with his new mixtape release titled PurpleMew. Often called by his popular name YoungPerfect, he is well admired by the music lovers for his creative and meaning music creation. And maintaining his usual knack for a high performance, he is again going to set the Chicago Rap & Hip-Hop Music world on fire. 

PurpleMew is moving up on the popularity charts at a very fast pace and this is the reason why the analysts in the music industry feel that this mixtape is going to create its own niche in the Chicago music world. Chicago is often considered as the capital of the hip-hop music and it’s always a matter of great pride for any artist to floor the audience in Chicago. “From Chicago, it’s heading for a nationwide success,” a fan of YoungPerfect exalts with joy. His fans are very excited about this new release and most of them are now searching online to download the mixtape. 

However, the spokesperson for Martym0ndays reveals that this new Chicago Music Video is being downloaded numerous times everyday from different sites, since its very release. This indicates the level of popularity it already has achieved. It is believed to be even a bigger hit than Martym0ndays’ ididit4neww0rld, which had helped YoungPerfect to achieve the status of a hip-hop star. 

“The young rapper has tried to make a deep inroad into the hearts of the modern music lovers with his new mixtape”, says an expert of the music industry. Many, who already have watched the mixtape, believe that Martym0ndays’ music has some unique appeal and that makes him to stand away from the crowd. 

Music lovers are appreciating PurpleMew, since the tracks are meaningful and touch one’s heart. Everyday, a large number of music lovers is accessing the Chicago hip-hop star’s music video published on YouTube. “It’s going to be viral very soon,” says a music lover after just watching the video. People who haven’t watched the video yet can now get a glimpse of it by following the link http://youtu.be/NJyS_neSp7U . 

About Martym0ndays 

Martym0ndays takes an audience to a unique new and sexy world with their soulful and meaningful rap music. They produce music that is creative and rare and offers immense fun to the listeners and audience. All music videos published by them are highly popular among the music lovers, particularly among the young generation. 

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Telephone: 1-630-546-4455
Email: MartyM0ndays@Yahoo.com
Website: http://www.neww0rld.com

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