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Michelle Stafford & Kelly Preston in “The Stafford Project”

Hollywood, CA, September 20, 2013 -- Michelle Stafford does it again. Her fourth episode of the web series, The Stafford Project hits not only the web world but also the psyche of its viewers. Kelly Preston plays an important role in this series and enthralls the audience with her funny acts. The episode is rising steadily on the popularity chart and is all set to bring more fame to the award-winning star duo, Preston and Stafford. Both stars are happy with the early response that they are getting for their new episode and are quite confident now that it will create some new record. 

Preston and Stafford are already established stars and enjoy good reputation in Hollywood. This is the reason why the web series is now getting much attention from the audience since its very release. One of the viewers, just after watching the episode, reacts, “It’s really difficult to choose between all the four episodes. The previous episodes were also terrific. Still I feel that there is something exceptional in this new series.” 

The two-time Emmy winning star presents a tale of twists that a Hollywood Celebrity often comes across while managing between her personal and professional life. This is the reason it depicts beautifully the lives of those women who are eyeing for a TV & Film career. “Modern career oriented women will find enough reason to associate the episode with their own lives and I think this could be pretty interesting for them,” reveals Michelle Stafford. She also praises Kelly Preston, with whom she had worked earlier in Young and the Restless, for giving a humorous turn to the episode and making it more interesting. 

In the new episode titled, “White Secret”, both Michelle and Kelly shoot for a television commercial for the perfume brand “White Secret”, and the story unfolds bringing a hilarious and mind-provoking tale, revealing what Careers and Jobs exactly mean to a woman and how they struggle hard to manage both their personal and professional aspects of life. 

The episode is creating a new buzz in the Social Media, and viewers are increasingly watching YouTube videos of the episode. Anyone interested in watching the web series can now follow the link www.thestaffordproject.com . 

About The Stafford Project 

The Stafford Project is the web series created by Michelle Stafford. The fourth episode of the series titled “White Secret” is released now, in which Kelly Preston is playing a lead rode.

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