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Film Producer Steve Markham Helps Young Entrepreneurs to Excel in the Film & Media Industry

September 20, 2013: Steve Markham is a well-known name in the film and media industry with his several projects as a successful producer. Now, he is focusing his attention to create a new breed of entrepreneurs who can take advantage of the burgeoning entertainment industry. He is now familiar with each and every aspect of the film industry and thus extends his helping hand to youths to help them start their business in the industry. 

As a successful Independent Film Producer, Steve has given several important films to the industry. Now, its new-found passion of helping the young generation to build a film career is the new talk of the town. However, Steve maintains that he genuinely wants new talent to enter the world of entertainment. “When all major business sectors were hit hard by the economic slowdown, the film and media business continued its usual growth. This indicates how promising this industry could be for the budding entrepreneurs. And I am here to make sure that they get their investment back with a better ROI”, Steve reveals. 

Steve maintains that most governments across the world are paying enough attention on entrepreneurship development programs, but the film and media sector is still very much neglected. He says, “You will hardly find any entrepreneurship development scheme that is in existence for those who are eyeing for a career in the entertainment industry. My effort is to open the gate of this industry for fresh talents. I am sure that the new generation will further help grow the industry with their innovative projects.” 

The Executive Producer of several important films reiterates his objective to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, and thinks to create business opportunities for around 3000 young entrepreneurs in the coming two years. If his program becomes successful, it will create a new world of opportunities for the young generation. Anyone willing to build a career in the film and media industry can learn more about Steve Markham by checking his IMDB Profile page http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4121951/ . 

About Steve Markham 

Steve Markham is a film producer and an entrepreneur with over thirty years of national and international business experience. He is a partner in Matter Media Studios and Creative Art Group. Steve has been a successful producer and executive producer on several projects, including DRAGON DAY, BELIEVE ME, AN ORDINARY FAMILY, JAMAA and Pollution. Karen and Steve Markham live in Austin, Texas and have a passion for helping young entrepreneurs discover their life calling. 

For Media Inquiries –
Contact Person: Steve Markham
Email: smarkham8888@gmail.com
Website: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4121951/

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