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Thermal Control Products: Manufacturer of custom thermal and protective components for the professional motorsports industry

Here at Thermal Control Products, we create high quality custom heat shields. Every heat shield created is customized to your specifications with the highest quality standards. As an ISO 9001:2008 Certified business, we maintain the highest quality management and assurance systems possible. Before we, at Thermal Control Products, Inc., create your custom heat shield, we take the following design parameters into account: 

1. Type of Heat Environment
Thermal Control Products, Inc. takes into account what type of environment your customized heat shield will be exposed to. Will the custom heat shield be utilized in a radiant heat application? Will your customized heat shield be utilized on a direct conduction application, or will your custom heat shield require the capabilities of enduring continuous convection heat? 

2. Temperature Requirements
The temperature requirement for your custom heat shield is one of the most important elements Thermal Control Products, Inc. takes into design consideration. Specific raw materials are rated to precise continuous temperature ratings. It is imperative to engineer the correct materials for the application. 

3. External Conditions
The external conditions your custom heat shield will be exposed to, is another important detail we take into account. Will the custom heat shield be in an enclosed environment or constantly exposed to conditions such as salt spray, moisture, dirt or stone impingement? We also take into consideration any additional elements surrounding the custom heat shield, such as proximity to other critical components. 

When Thermal Control Products, Inc. designs your custom heat shield, we ask all the necessary questions to determine your specific needs. (Contact us today by clicking here for an onsite evaluation and consultation.) Our engineers will create and craft a high quality custom heat shield not only to meet your specific needs, but exceed them. Thermal Control Products, Inc.’s quick turnaround time, design parameters, and top quality materials are unmatched. 

4. Specific Application
Our custom heat shields can be utilized for various applications, but at Thermal Control Products, Inc. we consider specifically the requirements for the heat shield and how it will be utilized. All of these design parameters are important to us in the design phase at Thermal Control Products, Inc. 

Get started today and know what it feels like to be protected by Thermal Control Products, Inc.’s high performance custom heat shields. Contact us today for an onsite design and consultation by calling 704 454 7605 or visit us online at http://www.thermalcontrolproducts.com 

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