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K-POP: The Movie Talks Theatrical Teaser and KCON

We met up with the crew of K-Pop The Movie as they plan out the theatrical teaser that's to be released soon. There was talk here and there on potential cast mates, as well as collaborations with other studios including some in South Korea. “The teaser basically gives fans an idea on what themes the movie will consist of,” stated production assistant Jessica Ngun. “But a teaser does what it's suppose to do...tease.” Not wanting to give away any of the surprises the film project, trailer, and teaser had, the Ani-Flix Studios crew focused on other subjects such as KCON 2013.

Missing out on KCON

KCON or Korean Convention happens twice a year, an event hosted by KOTRA, Korean international exchange and trade, and MNENT, Korean entertainment. It's an opportunity for k-pop artist and fans to interact with one another. It's also an opportunity for businesses to showcase a product, project, or provide services and exchanges; in other words, this would have been a glorious event for people to get word of K-Pop The Movie. So not only did the in house producers of Ani-Flix miss out on the opportunity to interact and get fans excited for the project, but they also missed an opportunity to get some actual k-pop artist interested. The KCON 2013 line up consisted of groups such as f(x), Missy Elliot, 2AM, GDragon, and more; needless to say, there wasn't a lack of talent. Interacting with the agents, and managers of the k-pop artist could possibly have brought some of them on board for roles in the movie.

Although the advantages of attending KCON 2013 seem inevitable, the disadvantages can’t be ignored either. A staff member got word of the event early in August from an event coordinator of KOTRA. They were invited to set up a business booth for a small fee, a good deal. Upon having a staff meeting to discuss whether to attend, it was decided they would pass this year. “This movie is still in development,” states Miranda. “If we would have went, we would literally have nothing to show except for teaser posters. We don’t hit pre production until October when casting starts.” Fans would have left the booth disappointed or confused at the lack of organization, something no business wants as a outcome during a promotional event.

Then there was the overshadowing of the MTV VMA Awards 2013. After certain performances performed, the internet and social media blew up with images and tweets about the award show. “It probably wasn't a good idea to have KCON around the same time as the music awards. People can’t stop talking about Miley Cyrus twerking and Justin Timberlake reuniting with Nsync for a bit.”

Will K-Pop The Movie attend next year’s KCON?

“Yes, we hope to,” Miranda continues. “It would be even better if we could also have the premiere screening there too.”

About Ani-Flix Studios

Ani-Flix Studios is a production studios from the state of Texas in the United States; they've shot projects in San Antonio, Windcrest, and Austin. Their first few projects held daring themes such as GLBT issues evolving around drug use, rape, and murder. Their first project a short film titled Get Off It, premiered at the Sorin Reel Film Festival in Austin. Their first feature which was an experimental by the name of Trapped, screened also in Austin at the Alamo Draft House Cinema. Both projects can be viewed on their Youtube channel. For Ani-Flix, K-Pop The Movie is a new project and genre they're excited about. Although it isn't as daring as their previous ones, it'll have the audience singing along while on the edge of their seats.

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