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The Carl Ballard London Blog Hits The Internet

The city of London has been a source of inspiration to people in all walks of life since time immemorial. Its architecture, places and people have been mused over by poets, authors and many other creative minds, and its popularity with the general public never seems to dwindle. 

The latest person to pay homage to this great city is popular author Carl Ballard who has recently launched a website which is exclusively concerned with all things related to London. 

The brand new site, which is called ‘Carl Ballard London’, blogs about a range of London-based topics, from advice, tips and personal recommendations for tourists visiting the city for the first time to the latest news and information pertaining to England’s historic capital. 

Carl Ballard, who was born and raised in London, said: “I am delighted to be able to launch and helm Carl Ballard London. 

“The idea for the blog came to me while I was drinking in one of London’s great drinking establishments and I was regaling a few of my friends with my extensive knowledge of the city. 

“One of them said that my advice was absolutely invaluable, and so an idea, which was later to become this blog, began to gestate in my mind, and it would not go away! 

“The blog is still in its formative stages, but I look forward to growing it into a great resource, as well as a fully-fledged business, in the coming months. So watch this space!” 

For more information about the Carl Ballard London Blog, or to learn more about Carl Ballard himself, head over to the website at http://www.carlballardlondon.com. Those wishing to directly contact Carl Ballard, such as prospective advertisers, should use the contact form on the website or connect with Mr Ballard via one of his many Social Media platforms, such as Google Plus or Twitter. 

About Carl Ballard: 

Carl Ballard London is a blog dedicated to the city of London. It is packed with lots of tips and advice for people visiting the city and it also features all the latest news relating to the city. It covers a range of topics, from sport and live music to venues and art and culture. 

For Media Contact:
Carl Ballard
61 Garnet St
London, E1W 3QS UK
Email: carl@carlballardlondon.com

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