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Weight Loss Fads Can Turn Out Pretty Bad

In today’s modern world a recent health report has shed light on the evil effects of weight loss fads and also threatens the dieters to beware of the faulty weight loss treatments that may lead to serious health complications. This piece of news has forced many people to revisit their dietary plans and has made them check for fads in those plans. It is said that even the nutritionists, best personal trainers, doctors, therapists etc get easily affected by such diet gimmicks. A claim by the Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence about being obese also made a lot of people suspect about something wrong. 

Paulette Lambert, the director of nutrition at the California Health and Longevity Institute, a medical and fitness centre in Westlake village, told the sources that women all across America are weight crazed especially in L.A. Dr. Macrene a professional in this regard also expressed her patients view and revealed that most of her patients want to be perfect in weight aspects at any possible costs. Another useful report showed that the diet fads come back once in 10 or 12 years. Lambert even said that these diets are just repackages with different names. 

You can buy phen375 online at http://phen375kb.com/buy-phen375-for-lose-weight-fast-and-safely/ quickly these days. The potato diet, juicing and cleanses, Gluten free diets and HCG and other injections are the main steps involved in overcoming diet fads. Expert reports on these diets show that the potato diet will reduce around 1200 calories which will result in considerable weight loss. Juicing can be considered for a short term period as it contains high sugar and insulin levels. Gluten also helps you to cut down on junk food and lose some weight. Usage of HCG projects is FDA approved too.

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