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Paramount Chiropractic Singapore Released Its New Website

Paramount Chiropractic Singapore has just released its newly designed website with lots of new and interesting information. If you would like to find out more about the causes and treatment options for neck, pain, back pain, spondylosis, whiplash and much more you can come and visit their place.

"Here, www.Paramountchiro.com, you will find Evidence Based Chiropractic and plenty of educational materials so that you can help yourself. Our Chiropractors in Singapore are one of the best worldwide and have been screened and approved by the Singapore Chiropractic Association", said Dr. Inge Austin, Owner of Paramount Chiropractic Group.

The Clinic is located at 6 Battery Road, Level 30 at Raffles Place, right in the heart of the Singapore CBD Area.

If you have any additional please feel free to email them at info@paramountchiro.com or visit their website at www.paramountchiro.com

About Paramount Chiropractic Group

Paramount Chiropractic Group was established in 2008, by Dr. Inge Austin and is located at 6 Battery Rd, at Raffles Place.


Dr. Inge Austin D.C.


Paramount Chiropractic Group Pte Ltd.

Phone: 6322 8585

E-mail: info@paramountchiro.com

Website: www.ParamountChiro.com

Business Mailing Address:

6 Battery Road, Level 30, Raffles Place

Singapore 049909

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