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President’s inaugural in need of more porta potties than ever

Recently, there has been criticism from the British Army against the Obama administration’s plans to reduce the number of porta potties for the inauguration on Monday. The decision was based on fundamental miscalculations however the mistake was corrected just at the nick of time by increasing the number of restroom facilities to be installed for the inaugural ceremony.

In 2009 there were reportedly about 7000 portable toilets available for the inauguration. However, this year, the number has been slashed to only 1500 for two reasons. The first factor was based on the ratio of people to potties and the other factor was that there were predictions of only a 50 percent turn up compared to the previous years.

The portable toilets Huntsville AL Company called Quick Portable Toilets has pointed that these calculations are all wrong. The Company has revealed that the weather and the physical condition of the people have to be taken into account when making such calculations. First, the inauguration was to be held during summer unlike the earlier times when it was held in the month of July. According to the weather and the physical conditions, while one porta potty was enough to meet the sanitary needs of 300 people, it is just not enough during the summer.

During winter, people are covered in thick layers of clothing making them stand still in one place. As for the people during the summer, there is a lot of intake of liquid and the heat will make them perspire thereby making them use the toilets more often than during the winter. Even with a fewer number of spectators, the people will pack the viewing area leaving them with no choice but to stand together shoulder to shoulder. This will call for more sanitary demands among the viewers. There is definitely more need for porta potties than before. To find more details regarding portable toilets Huntsville AL kindly visit http://www.quickportabletoilets.com/alabama/portable-toilets-in-huntsville-al/



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