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New biography about Kåre Valebrokk

"He was an absent father" 

Son, Per Valebrokk, confirms the unflattering image writer Frank Rossavik draws of his father in the biography "A good story." 

It has been over half a year since the former chief of Today's Business and TV2 passed away. Kåre Valebrokk remembered by many as one of the largest media personalities with his razor-sharp tongue, ruthless comments and charismatic presence. 

Today is the release of his biography, written by political commentator and author Frank Rossavik at the request of the Valebrokk family. Rossavik managed to meet Valebrokk a few times before his death at age 72 in February. 

Valebrokk was quiet, shy and introverted as a child, but sharp and witty and at times ruthless as a debater. Part of the answer lies in the difficult relationship with his father and Kristiansand. 

Becoming an editor gave freedom 

"His upbringing felt cramped. He did not find freedom until he became an editor. I think that being an editor gave him the personal freedom he longed for", said Rossavik during the book release. 

- You put forward a number of theories in the biography of Valebrokk. How can you assume these things? 

"I hope and believe that I have provided a reasonable portrayal, but I am conscious of the fact that I have few sources", answers Rossavik. 

Absent father 

- How was Valebrokk as a father? 

"He was a distant father. On his gravestone reads "still missing" and it refers to how the family felt he was absent and often away from home", answers Rossavik. 

Valebrokk was separated from his wife Eva, with whom he had one son and two daughters. 

E24-head Per Valebrokk confirms that Kåre Valebrokk was not a particularly present father. 

"We saw him every Saturday for lunch. It started at Fornebu when the airport was still there, so it was pizza at Solli Plass and later we were at the Theater Cafe. Always at half past two, always the same table" he recalls. 

He thinks the book's portrayal of his father is fair. 

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