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Electro-Funk Band Afterthem Releases New Single “Hidden Cameras”

East Brunswick, NJ, September 29, 2013 - Among one of the most unconventional bands in history, electronic outfit Afterthem creates art that is as brilliant as it is polarizing. Appealing to a niche audience that appreciates over-the-top creativity, Afterthem’s music is introspective, infectious, and unpredictable. It is these elements that provide the canvas for their music, which is never without deeper meaning. 

Their latest track “Hidden Cameras” showcases the band’s marks the latest step in artistic progression. What listeners will first notice about "Hidden Cameras" are the textured guitars, bass, keyboards, and electronic effects that produce a wall of sound almost nostalgic in nature. In a presentation that the band refers to as ‘electro grunge’, Afterthem is able to convey a feeling of edginess and paranoia, which happens to be the meaning behind the song itself. 

A collective effort of electronic artist Dave George and bassist and vocalist Jenny Case, "Hidden Cameras" is a fascinating collaboration constructed online using two different studios. The lush instrumentals of George combined with the powerful voice of Jenny Case grazes each emotion on the spectrum, and has the ability to truly inspire deeper thought. 

Avaialble on CD Baby and iTunes, "Hidden Cameras" represents a track for listeners searching for something new. The input of each artist involved is vividly reflected, which creates an incredible level of diversity; each element perfectly complementing the others almost seamlessly. Their music can also be previewed on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDe0YdNKzvY 

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