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Quick Portable Toilets serves Oprah Winfrey at Illinois Grand Park

It is always a wonder when public figures decide to use the porta potty at outdoor events for one reason or the other. Under normal circumstance, these hotshot public figures would have their security team drive them to the nearest posh hotel just to take e leak. Celebrities have also been known to have driven all the way to these hotels just to wash their hands and ‘freshen up’. With this ongoing trend, it is no wonder the world went into a frenzy when Oprah Winfrey, the talk show queen decided to use the porta potty at the President’s post-election speech in Illinois.

Millions of Americans at the Illinois Grand Park watched with bated breath when the talk show queen walked into a nearby porta potty at the park right after the newly elected president ended his speech. The queen seemed happy with the experience and did not seem to have missed out on anything that a luxury hotel toilet could have provided. Oprah was so determined not to miss a word at the post election speech that she crossed her legs and dashed for the nearest porta potty the minute the President left the stage. She says, “In all these years at every event, I’ve said, ‘no, I’m not going to do the porta potty’ but I said I better use it”.

When the world watched amazed, the big question that went around was, ‘which porta potty company was that?’ While it could have been any of the Waukegan IL Portable Toilets, the distinctive signature color and shape bore the unmistakable impression of a Quick Portable Toilet model. This Company has been supplying porta potties to residents in and around the area of Waukegan, Illinois. With their level of professionalism, it is no wonder Quick Portable Toilets were hired at the President’s post election speech. To acquire more information about portable toilets Waukegan IL kindly visit http://www.quickportabletoilets.com/illinois/porta-potty-in-waukegan-il/


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