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Oakland Coliseum Gets Flooded With Plumbing Issues Again

The home of the Oakland A’s and Raiders gets flooded again. Plumbing issues have been recognized to be the basic root of such problems. However a report from the San Francisco chronicle on Saturday said that heavy rain caused flooding in the A’s coaches’ bathroom just before their game against Minnesota Twins. The A’s catcher Kurt Suzuki also told the media that sewage was flowing out of the faucets. According to sources it was the second time that the Coliseum was facing such a serious plumbing issue and it even saw the sewage make its entry into the home on Tuesday. 

In an earlier report news came out that the sewage even flooded the visiting manager’s office and the team locker rooms. This occurred during their match against the Seattle mariners. It was due to this that the Seattle manager Eric Wedge held some postgame interviews outside the office which forced the teams to take shower in the Raiders locker room. In an exclusive interview with USA today, Lew Wolff the A’s owner stated the situation to be “a bunch of crap”. The venue is situated in the city of Oakland and the surrounding county. Oakland-Alameda county Coliseum Joint Powers Authority is solely responsible for the operations of the venue. 

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Wolff even hit out at their joint partners and said that they were sitting in a 46 year old venue and in an economic situation where they did not have sufficient funds to maintain the facility. He even added that it was not up to them to maintain the venue. 

However it is observed that the Raiders next home game is scheduled on 29th September against the Washington Redskins.

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