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Fairy Tales for Kids Launches Website Featuring Children Stories With a Modern Twist.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – 26 September 2013 – Fairy Tales for Kids has launched its new website – fairytalesforkids.org. The new websites features classic children stories with a modern twist that kids can easily relate to. 

One of the fondest memories that a child could have was when their parents read them bedtime stories. The dream of being a beautiful princess going to a dance with a handsome prince, or being a swashbuckling pirate on the quest to find the world’s biggest treasure. It all starts with the fairy tale stories that our parents used to read to us at bedtime. 

The value of reading has always been important to the development of a child’s social, cognitive, and emotional aspects. In fact, studies reveal that children who are exposed to reading at an early stage are more likely to excel academically. Reading not only promotes better speech development but also promotes better listening skills and longer attention spans. 

Reading children’s stories such as fables and fairy tales develops a child’s imagination. Fairy tale stories demonstrate basic important values to children like honesty and bravery. A child is also exposed to different social and intellectual situations. Children’s stories allow a child to think of ways to solve problems, thereforecreative and critical thinking is enhanced.It also helps a child to learn the value of family and friendship. 

However, there are so many learning tools to choose from nowadays. It is therefore crucial to make sure that the fairy tale stories we read are relatable to the new generation. It is important to have a story that is up to date and that children can easily comparewith the current situations they have. 

That’s why at fairytalesforkids.org, a twist is given to classic fairy tales such as Alice in the Wonderland. The stories are updated making it more relatable to this generation while keeping the core values from the classic tales we use to read. The stories can also be accessed in different ways like ebooks and printed books. Aside from children’s stories, there are also FREE coloring books that kids can download, including an interactive online coloring page. 

Relive the classic fairy tales with a twist by visiting fairytalesforkids.org today.

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