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New York City Theater Adds House in the Alley To Their Popular Screenings

Los Angeles, CA: Hit Vietnamese horror drama, House in the Alley, is now slated for release in 7 cities with the addition of AMC’s Empire 25 to the opening day release schedule. 

In addition to New York City, the current opening day rollout for House in the Alley’s U.S. release includes Atlanta, Houston, Washington DC, San Diego, Orange County and San Jose. 

House in the Alley, by writer/director Le Van Kiet broke records in its Vietnamese release and it’s October 25th release in the U.S. markets its first venture outside its home territory. 

The film tells the story of a young couple whose home dark forces invade after they lose their baby. House in the Alley stars top Vietnamese actress, Ngo Thanh Van. 

Ngo Thanh Van has developed a reputation as a female action star and House in the Alley offered her the opportunity to develop a more complex psychological portrait of a woman under extreme emotional pressure. 

But Van didn’t leave her action persona aside during filming as the shoot required significant physical action and stunts, which she insisted on performing herself. 

For writer/director Le Van Kiet the film was an opportunity to show something of life in contemporary Vietnam. Whereas Vietnamese films which have been released in the United States have often had the war or its aftermath as material, this director wanted to show a couple living an ordinary life- albeit one afflicted by horrific events. 

The strategy worked in Vietnam where the film broke box office records on its 2012 release. 

Producer Dan Tran says House in the Alley is significant for him because it marked the chance to do a Vietnamese film outside of the most common genres there. “I like to see different genres being done in a Vietnamese style,” says Tran. 

For House in the Alley that has meant looking at the deep psychological grief suffered by the central couple after they lose their baby into a drama which also includes a strong element of horror. 

Le Van Kiet says that mixing the psychological aspects with the horror genre was a way of really exploring how the audience really feels about such events. 

“You don’t know if it’s their perception, their sanity or whether it’s happening for real. Who do you believe? Do you believe the husband? Do you believe the wife? We don’t know,” says the director. “It could just be their stressful overwhelming situation. What is really going on?” Viewers are invited to find out and join the fun.Full listings for theater locations can be found at houseinthealley.com 

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