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Bloggers sport moccasins at the fall winter fashion week at Paris.

After enjoying centre stage as one of Australia’s leading custom made shoes supplier, Moccasins is set to unveil its fall winter 2013 collection. This online store is one of the most talked about in Australia and has a trail of diehard fans. The fan list just doubled when top designer runways at Paris showed a parade of male models clad in moccasins.

Moccasin lovers could not be happier to learn that the comfortable shoes were the latest trends. The Australian Company unveiled the new collection of top design shoes in the month of September. The fall collection has married comfort with the latest designs. The problem with moccasins is that most manufacturers concentrate only comfort with no design. The collection offers a wide range of designs ranging from runway fashion to quirky designs for the fashion forward. Many fashion bloggers have been spotted sporting the new collection of quirky moccasins.

Besides the design, the shoes are also made form 100 per cent leather. The soft leather ensures that the shoe feels like the most comfortable things that can be worn. The new collection is not limited to casual wear. With the right color and design, it can be worn for formal parties and will look hip. Besides offering the best moccasins, the store also helps customers find the right pick. Since most men lack the right fashion sense, the site is designed to provide personalized help in choosing the right shoe to go with a particular outfit. It is designed to provide a personalized shopping experience to every customer.

Australia has never lacked the supply of cheap slip-ons that may look comfortable but gives blisters to the wearer. Such moccasins hardly past the year without wearing out. The site offers different designs made from different fabrics like suede. All the fabrics are original and responsibly sourced. To get more information please visit http://www.moccasins.net.au

About moccasins.net.au

Moccasins is an Australian based moccasin supplier. The store provides shoes made from 100 per cent genuine leather and other fabrics like suede. The store offers free delivery within the country and cheap delivery charges to customers outside of the country.

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