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Drake Relocation Serving Philadelphia, PA Offer Best Tips for Relocating with Children

For anyone looking for an excellent company of moving specialists in the great state of Pennsylvania the search is over. Drake Relocation not only offers complete service from the start to the finish, the company’s managing director recently discussed tips for moving with children out of state. “The number one tip for moving with your children is to prepare the kids for the move by talking about it and letting them ask questions, no matter what the circumstance that you are moving under. When you take the time to talk to your kids about it, it gives them some security about the uncertainty that comes along with relocating to an unfamiliar place.

A company with crews that run like well-oiled machines and are careful, knowledgeable and have great stamina for the entire move is money very well spent.” said Joey Patrone, Managing Director of Drake Relocation. “When a company is reputable, they don’t send out movers that are hired day laborers, but the send out trained and skilled employees who are certified.

Going on to describe his company’s customer focus Patrone goes on to say, “We’re happy to be one of the reputable moving companies in Pennsylvania area and Philadelphia. When someone calls our office they’re given an array of information. We take the time to answer their questions to ensure they get the most accurate information about what we provide.

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