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Flushable Wipes That Don’t Flush

For some time now HMS Plumbing has been tracking the latest news in the toilet wipes industry with great interest. For years consumers have raised concerns about so called “flushable wipes” that seem to be completely incapable of flushing.

One of the most preventable call-outs plumbers get is for blocked drains. Generally, by using common sense, a person with the most basic concept of plumbing can avoid blocking their drains. Flushing the odd dead goldfish might not hurt. A whole tank of fish one by one though may cause a significant problem. But HMS Plumbing has noticed that in some cases it is not the customer at fault.

Problems have arisen due to toiletries advertisements misleading consumers into believing that their products are flush-friendly when what they mean is “one or two” won’t do any damage. If flushed separately. And if they don’t coincide with any human waste or other miscellaneous debris.

Environmentally-conscious customers seeking to do their bit to save the planet, see key words like “biodegradable”, “eco-friendly” and “flushable” and, at no fault of their own, buy into the idea that this product is 100% verified by leading scientists. HMS Plumbing urges its customers not to flush anything larger or more conspicuous than the average human waste deposit and a respectable amount of paper.

Tests show that many of these wipes don’t disintegrate half as efficiently as standard toilet paper and HMS Plumbing recommends that until a solution to biodegradable loo roll is reached, the public should continue to use ordinary tissue rather than opt for fancy futuristic brands promising things they can’t guarantee.

Unblocking drains is an expensive business for both companies like HMS Plumbing and the general public. Plumbers, believe it or not, would prefer to spend their time fixing genuinely unavoidable problems rather than wading knee-deep in sewer muck prodding wet wipes with a fork. As yet there are few better ways to clear a blockage.

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