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Italy is top European Waterways Destination.

European Waterways has seen increased popularity to its Italian cruise destinations in recent months. The country itself seems perfectly suited to a river or canal cruise because of its beautiful waterways, local birdlife and diverse landscapes including picturesque lagoon islands, stunning beach dunes and pine forests. Once used by ancient Romans for trade routes the Italian waterways are perfect routes to travel to gain an insight into the many cultures that inhabited them including Roman, Byzantine, Etruscan and Renaissance.

Venice is proving to be an ever popular destination on European Waterways’ Italian cruises. The beautiful city is surrounded by a lagoon, one of the anchorage points on the cruise whilst the Venice Lido beach offers a chance for visitors to unwind. A range of seafood, local specialities and the fine wine available is another popular aspect.

From Venice the hotel barge La Bella Vita makes its way to northern town of Mantua a hub of music and art. Culture is as abundant in the Italian towns and villages as natural spectacles are along its waterways. Whilst on European Waterways cruises from Venice to Mantua, visitors enjoy a range of cultural experiences including visits to the Naval Museum, the Pavilion of Gondolas, the small town of Chioggia and a wine tasting extravaganza onboard the barge. At the end of the cruise Mantua offers its own splendour. The lakeside setting offers a beautiful end point to the trip but only after a visit to the Ducal palace and its gardens.

With such diverse architecture, excellent dining opportunities and a rich cultural heritage it is not surprising that Italy’s waterways are increasing in popularity for holiday destinations and the picturesque setting makes travelling along the waterways a great experience.

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