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Historic Buildings In Winchester Renovated By North Virginia Plumbers.

A set of historic buildings in Winchester, Virginia, were on display Friday to show their recent renovations by North Virginia plumbers. The renovations and remodelling are reported to have cost $1.25 million in total, and were completed at the beginning of September, with the contractors having started work last October.

The buildings, which date back to 1840, served as the home of the famous Winchester Star for 35 years, and during the renovation work contractors and North Virginia plumbers uncovered artefacts such as a cannonball and bullets traced back to the Civil War in 1861. A small inkwell, an assortment of baseball cards and an old newspaper from the 1940s, embedded into the foundations drywall, were also unearthed.

A spokesman for the real estate firm that renovated the building has said that the appeal lies in its historical importance. The impact that the Byrds, the owners of the Winchester Star, had on Winchester was very significant, with the family operating the buildings for 40 years. The memorable presence of Senator Byrd writing articles on World War II had a profound impact on the buildings, as well as the surrounding community, and made them a worthwhile investment.

Another member of the firm added that the location of the apartments makes it all the more attractive to potential tenants, being near enough to the shopping mall for convenience, but not right next to it, so that there isn’t a lot of noise in the evening. The nine apartments in the set of buildings, consisting of three two-bedroom and six one-bedroom apartments, range from 561 to 1,206 square feet, and lease from $900 to $950 per month. The two newly built apartments are about 1,200 feet each, and are being used by an architect company and as a welcome centre for the City of Winchester.

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