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Plumbing Certification Course Offered To Manassas Plumbers

Following a shortage of skilled plumbers in many areas in the USA, companies are now offering a Plumbing Certification Course for its apprentice employees. The classes are especially likely to benefit Manassas plumbers, as they are being held in a local facility. Originally starting in September 2013, these courses are designed to focus on practical skills used by professional plumbers, with simulated scenarios, hands on training and ride-alongs on real work days. The classes are now calling for more students for the thirty week course to begin in spring 2014.

A spokesman for one company has said that they are very excited to be able to offer these new opportunities to Manassas plumbers and other future professionals in the industry, considering that the shortages in this sector seem to be a nationwide issue. The new classes are part of the companies ‘Earn To Learn’ programme, meaning that employees will be paid whilst they are learning the new skills to benefit their future careers. Other companies have said that the training is a fantastic opportunity for younger people as well as displaced workers or anybody that is looking to expand their long term career choices.

The training method for the course is made up of hands-on, practical plumbing tips and techniques, as well as days spent shadowing an already certified plumber in the field. Simulated housing structures have been built in order for students to be able to try out their newly learned skills for real, practising plumbing from start to finish. The course also focuses on face to face training from certified plumbers, to ensure the highest level of teaching for future professionals.

One of the instructors is very hopeful that the program will help future Manassas plumbers and other prospective professionals become very successful in their field, adding that it is a gift to be able to teach such talented and up and coming plumbers everything they need.

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