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Dirt Bike Carb Cleaning Special at Dealer Alternative Vista Motorcycle

With the California desert riding season for off road dirt bikes starting in November, not many bike owners will be very pleased when their bikes won't start. There is however, a simple, easy solution found at Vista Motorcycle.

When a bike sits idle over the summer months, fuel ages and dries out. Then the residue clogs up the carburetor thus creating one of the main reasons prevent bikes from becoming operational, says Daniel Sweet, an off road dirt bike mechanic and head of Vista's leading dealer alternative motorcycle repair service provider, Vista Motorcycle.

"Carburetion is the most common problem with motorcycles not starting after sitting in storage for two weeks or longer," says Sweet. Sweet believes that if a bike ran last season but fails to start after a few months of sitting, then it's probably old gas in the carburetor.

Further pointing out that old fuel left in the gas tank does not burn well and will cause a poor running condition or simply not start at all. Sweet says that if left for more than a few months, the old gas dries out leaving sediment behind.

"The sediment left behind after gas evaporates," claims Sweet, "is a combination of dirt and fuel additives. These additives do not evaporate with the gas. They stay behind. When you turn on the gas it mixes up the sediment in the bottom of the float bowl of the carburetor. This chunky mixture is then sucked into the tiny fuel metering jets inside the carb. Most times the sediment is larger than the holes in the jets and plugs them up. When the holes in the jets are plugged then the engine is starved of fuel and fails to start."

The motorcycle specialist further notes that ethanol based fuel in California, also known as E-10, contains a corn and/or sugar cane based alcohol. “When E-10 evaporates," Sweet says, "it leaves behind something that resembles corn meal, which is material that notorious for plugging fuel filters and carburetor jets."

There is no way getting around the problem, but the best and only way to fix clogged carburetors is to disassemble the carburetor and clean the plugged passages. "It is as simple as that, but one has to also remember that Carbs are tricky little contraptions and need specialist attention," notes Sweet. "They have many passages inside them not easily cleaned, and at Vista Motorcycle, we have carburetor repair and rebuild specialists to do a first rate job."

Their approach to carburetor servicing, according to the motorcycle repair specialist, includes soaking the parts in an ultrasonic parts washer tank with hot solvent before carefully blow dry the passages with controlled bursts of compressed air. After making the proper adjustments and reassembled with new seals, Sweet assures that the carburetor fuel metered properly and there are no external fuel leaks.

Another issue known to negatively affect motorcycle carburetor is a dirty air filter. According to Sweet, many riders put their bikes away for the season but forget to clean the air filter prior to storage. Soiled air filters disintegrate from a combination of filter oil, fuels vapor, and soil. An air filter that has holes in it or is falling apart at the seams does not perform its function properly.

A dirty, dry or damaged air filter will cause severe damage to an engine by letting in dirty air. The dirt plugs up the carb(s) and scratches the inner cylinder wall. This can lead to poor performance or catastrophic and costly to repair engine failure.

Avoid engine failure and ensure riding fun in the sun with one visit to Vista Motorcycle for a fuel system checkup or an overhaul as needed. Call for current carburetor repair specials and discounts.

For more information on carburetor repair and rebuild in Vista, please contact: Vista Motorcycle, the best motorcycle dealer alternative repair shop at 760-724-9258 or visit their website at http://vistamotorcycle.com/about-us/ .

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