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Studio 35 Beauty Now Reveals Secrets of Getting White Glowing Skin

October 18, 2013 – People who always wanted to have naturally glowing skin can now try the new offering from the web store of Studio 35 Beauty. Their new product Whitening Body Cream Studio 35 Beauty can be the real magical treatment for anyone who wants to have a perfect and beautiful skin. The product is very light and water based that is easy to apply on body and face and which helps clearing blemishes and lightens the tone to get a clean and good-looking skin.

For both men and women, getting spotless skin has become an important goal today. The personal grooming industry is emerging today like never before and the website Studio 35 Beauty has been playing an important role by recommending the most effective and high quality products for both men and women. According to the website, this cream has some exceptional properties that make it a potent solution. Its ingredients such as cacao seed butter, Brazil Nut Oil, Aloe leaf juice and several other natural components help in lightening the skin tone and giving more fair and shining appearance.

The Whitening Body Cream Studio 35 Beauty essentially works as a triple sunscreen and protects the human skin from the possible damage of UVA and UVB rays. This further prevents skin darkening and helps maintain natural skin fairness. The cream is perfect for all types of skins and easily spreads all over to create its magical effects. It’s a light cream that moisturizes and nourishes skin to help bring its natural fairness to the fore.

The website reveals that this breakthrough skin care product is available at a price of just $16.49 and a consumer receives a host of benefits at such a small cost. Since it’s not a heavy cream, the 375g bottle lasts longer and one is assured of getting the long-term benefits of skin care. The website reveals all benefits and details out its natural ingredients that work to offer a fair complexion and a glowing appearance to the human skin. By revealing key facts of the cream, the site intends to help the modern consumers to choose it in an informed manner. One can learn more about the cream and can place an order for it on the website www.studio35beauty.com .

About Studio 35 Beauty

Studio 35 Beauty is a web store supplying a host of effective personal care products to the global customers. They have all natural and high quality products that are the remarkable offerings in the personal grooming industry.

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