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Spain Announces Record Rates of Tourism from Companies Such as Bartle Holidays

Spain has always been a top of the list destination for holidaymakers, but this August 8.3 million foreign tourists came to the country, an all time high since records began in 1995. British, French and German tourists were most frequently visiting on holidays like the ones offered by Bartle Holidays .

This year the country saw the highest monthly number of visiting tourists since records began, as well as an increase of 7.1 percent from August last year. All of this was announced by Spain’s tourism ministry in a proud statement on Monday. The number of tourists choosing Spain has been affected heavily by an avoidance of Turkey and Egypt, famously popular tourist destinations, in the last year.

The Northern region of Catalonia received the most attention this year, with 2.3 million tourists flocking to its rich culture in the region’s capital of Barcelona and famous sandy beaches. The Balearic Islands also had a good year, with 2.1 million tourists visiting, and 1.1 million were attracted to the southern region of Andalusia.

This boost in tourism is much needed for Spain after a heavy recession affecting unemployment rates in the country for the last two years. Numbers show that the unemployment rate is currently over 26 percent, making tourism more crucial to Spain’s economy than ever, with the country gaining a significant 11 percent of its economical wealth from the tourism industry.

Help to the tourism industry this year came from 2 million Brits, 1.8 million French and 1.2 million German tourists visiting Spain from vacation companies like Bartle Holidays. In total, the country welcomes 42.3 million tourists to Spain this year, making a 4.5 percent rise from the previous year, and an all time record for the country. Numbers from the World Tourism Organisation now show that Spain is the third most visited country in the world.

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