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Here is Why Leasing a New Car is the Way To Go if You Live in Los Angeles

It's a common dilemma with automotive consumers: leasing a car or buying a car. Is it better to lease a new automobile as opposed to a more conventional finance with payments? The conventional wisdom says buying a car makes more sense, but in the past few years leasing a car become the better deal for most people, according to Christian Gold, a spokesman for the reputable auto brokerage NewCarSuperStore.com in Tarzana, Ca. He gives us several reasons why leasing is a great opportunity for most people those days.

1) Low Monthly Payments make is possible to drive more car for the money

There’s no doubt about it, people in Los Angeles love new cars and showing up in style. Unfortunately, car models change every couple of years and the cost of driving a new luxury car can get expensive. “If a customer leases a new Mercedes or BMW or a Lexus, when the lease is up, they can easily turn it in and get a new car,” Gold said. Most lease those days are structured in such way that the vehicle will be covered by warranty at all times and even the maintenance will be pre-paid in most cases. This way one can create a budget for the monthly expense of transportation and avoid all other surprises that may come up on a vehicle that is not under warranty.

According to LeaseGuide.com, 75 percent of luxury cars including Mercedes, Audi, Lexus and BMW are leased. Why? Those cars do depreciate fast and people are realizing that a new car is not an investment. Drivers who enjoy getting that ‘new ride’ experience on a regular basis should view the leasing specials at New Car Superstore for best prices.

2) Maintenance is Not a Problem in most cases

Leasing is the best way to avoid the problems that come with having an older car. You’ll be in a brand new automobile long before the major repair bills start showing up. The new car leases customized at New Car Superstore, are tailored to meet client’s needs, from the mileage per year allowance, to the complete protection package that includes paint sealants to protect the car.

3) Leasing a Car is a Tax Deduction for most small business owners

If you are in business for yourself or own a business, often a leased vehicle can be written off as an expense. Whether the vehicle use is full or part-time, the cost of its operation can be a tax write-off that reduces your taxable income. A big percentage of the exotic cars leased from our leasing agency are used by upper management in different corporations.

Most people hate haggling with car dealers, but reputable auto brokerage companies such as NewCarSuperstore.com have put an end to that painful process. Their team of experienced auto brokers will locate the best vehicle and negotiate the lowest price on their customers’ behalf and have the new car delivered to their hoe or office at no extra cost.

For more information and to read client reviews, visit https://newcarsuperstore.com .

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