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Be Inspired With Affection, Warmth and Love Through Paintings Created by Artist Caryl Jean Westergren

About Caryl Jean Westergren:

Master Artist Caryl Jean Westergren invites us into a new territory with various subjects in paintings ranging from animals, to lakes and rivers, to people. The artwork is uniquely drawn and magnificently painted. When you look at the painting of a woman that Westergren created, it shows strength, passion and perseverance. They aren’t just paintings but stories, and inspiration. Her artwork shows different places, people and things - giving us insight on what life has to offer.

The Feelings Her Paintings Portray

Another insightful painting that struck me is the wildlife painting of horses running together in a group, all hearts beating at the same speed. These creatures are not afraid to continue to move forward, even not knowing what lie ahead. I thought maybe we should be like the horses by keep pushing forward, no matter what life throws at us, or what difficulties we encounter. We should all stand together as a family and push forward. The painting of the horses fully mesmerizes me.

The woman Caryl painted, at first, just seemed like a regular woman. But the second time I looked at her, I saw a woman that had been through so much but still standing strong against all odds. She may have faced difficulties but there she is, standing tall, strong and determined. Her head held high, she stands still wanting to live life, strong willed and beautiful.

Another Westergren artwork I find extraordinary is painting of a man and woman sitting by a campfire. Perhaps they are discussing their day or how much love they have for one another. This work shows us much that we take for granted, how much we love our loved ones and how much they love us. Westergren shows through small things, like sitting by a fire, can build your relationship with that special person beyond what words could explain.

Understanding Her Paintings

At first I never really understood the meaning of her artwork but as I continued to view her art gallery, the more and more I began to understand. Westergren paints to show all of her thoughts, imagination, spirit and courage. Her paintings are like no other with her dedication, her perfect drawing and painting skills, and the meaning behind her art. A few of the paintings I find especially inspiring are: “The Sweet Life”, “Horses in a Mist”, and “The Traveling Spirit” Gypsy painting. Artist Caryl Jean Westergren shows that what we consider ordinary days, are actually days that are blessed in spirit because you are here to enjoy them. Her paintings are reminders that life is a beautiful blessing if used properly. Take a peek at some of her original colorful paintings and really look deep into the painting. You will see the love, the blessing of life, and the pure joy you can obtain by slowing down to gaze at the beauty of roses, or taking the time to look at a painting, or smiling to a stranger on the corner. Caryl’s beautiful and colorful art brings out all these aspects by with the stroke of her brush and the thoughts this artist puts into the paintings. Keep up with the original paintings and colorful art of Artist Caryl Jean Westergren. Art Gallery http://caryljean.com/Gallery.htm

Written by Latoya Lawrence

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