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Visiting the Baseball Town of US

When one mentions the word, “baseball”, the first place that anyone would think of would be Farmington in New Mexico. This is because Farmington is home of the Ricketts Ball Park which is where the Connie Mack World Series is held. This is apart from the fact that the Farmington High School as well as the Piedra Vista High School has both been AAAA Baseball State Champions for a few years now. Of course, Farmington is more than just baseball. 

Not many people may be aware of it but Farmington is also the home of a number of tourist spots. Some of these include the Angel Peak Scenic Area, the Aztec Ruins National Monument, and the Four Corners Monument, where four states meet. 

With so many places to go to and so many events to attend, you would need to make sure that you book yourself in any of the hotels in Farmington, New Mexico. One such Farmington NM hotel that you might want to try is the Farmington Travelodge. 

Guests of the Farmington Travelodge can take advantage of such amenities as access to high speed Internet access in public areas as well as in the business center, use of the fax machine, access to the outdoor pool, and use of the copy machine. Guests can also make use of the ice machine as well as the vending machine. The Farmington Travelodge also offers outdoor parking and has facilities for car as well as truck parking. 

For more information about Farmington Travelodge, head to http://www.indembsudan.com/61833/28.htm . A quick reservation form can be found at the upper part of the page. 

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