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Dallas Tax Attorney Warns Taxpayers Not To Expect Leniency, IRS Continues to Tally Debt During Government Shut-Down

Many saw the partial shut-down of the federal government as a boon. They didn’t realize that the IRS collection machine was on autopilot, continuing to levy fines and liens while its operators weren’t even in the building. Attorney Nick Nemeth said taxpayers should view it as a warning.

“Not only do taxpayers still owe money to the agency, but the IRS computer system continued to run, cranking out levies and liens at a frightening pace,” said Nemeth. “IRS collection efforts are even more aggressive than in the past.”

Nemeth is the founder of the law offices of Nick Nemeth PLLC. He recently addressed the problem in a piece called “IRS Tax Controversy: IRS Keeps Cranking Out Levies Despite the Government Shut Down”.

His examination of the situation can be viewed in it entirely in his original press release. During the shut-down, there were no human hands in attendance to fact check, correct errors or override mistakes made by the IRS’s computer system.

Nemeth’s tax law firm is located in the Dallas - Fort Worth area, with a focus on assisting businesses and individuals with their tax-related problems. Being slapped with an IRS audit or notification of money owed is a stressful experience and Nemeth helps clients navigate the difficult and confusing world of the IRS, a situation that many unsuspecting taxpayers may be facing in the future as a result of the federal government’s shut down.

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With over 15 years experience as a lawyer, Nick Nemeth is a best-selling author who focuses on helping both individuals and businesses overcome the stress and devastation of their tax problems. At his boutique tax law firm located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, solving IRS problems goes beyond saving his clients’ money.

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