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The UK Get Their Walking Boots On

Recent research reveals that hundreds of thousands of Brits are venturing out on walks, hikes and rambles every month and joining schemes to promote the health and environmental benefits of walking.

Environmental associations and health charities have popularised walking with the introduction of campaigns like the ‘walk to school’ effort. Almost 4,000 ‘health walks’ take place in the UK alone every week as more and more health professionals champion the benefits of walking.

This increase in popularity has extended to walking and rambling holidays both in the UK and across Europe. European walking holidays have become more popular and a 50% increase in sales has been seen year on year. Companies like Ramblers Worldwide Holidays in particular are noticing a rise in the popularity of walking holidays.

The Ramblers, although traditionally associated with the middle-aged walker is now attracting an increasing number of younger people. A recent survey found that fifty groups of ramblers with members aged between 20 and 40 have started up in the last few years. The young generation now accounts for 10%of all members of the UK Ramblers group. These statistics are welcomed by Ramblers Worldwide Holidays who have long held the belief that rambling holidays can be enjoyed by those of all ages. These companies are encouraged by the survey’s figures and the health benefits that the young and older alike are gaining from the hobby.

Walking has proved to be a ‘good medicine’ and the increase in those choosing to walk to their place of work or school will contribute to tackling obesity issues.

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