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Stunning Spectacles Await At This Year’s Romaeuropa Festival

The Romaeuropa Festival, which runs from October to November, further enlivens Rome with painstakingly planned city-wide events and happenings. The annual festival has kicked off a number of exciting cultural performances and activities, with the participation of local and international talents, thereby making the ancient phrase ‘all roads lead to Rome’ acutely relevant again. A global cultural exchange of sorts since 1986, the Romaeuropa Festival has gathered the world’s best artists, performers, writers, actors, and innovators, and this year’s offerings are more than compelling reasons for visitors to go straight from their Fiumicino airport transfers to the Teatro Palladium or Auditorium Conciliazone for a sample of the scheduled performances.

Held every year, the Romaeuropa Festival consists of performances or exhibitions taking place on weekdays and weekends. There is no single location, but instead the performances and presentations either take place simultaneously in different locations throughout the city, or are timed to occur one after another. It is this nature of the Festival that makes it easy for anyone arriving from the hassle of their Fiumicino airport transfers to immediately ‘dip their toe’ in the middle of the celebrations. Upon arriving, one can visit any of the venues of the performances and invariably these are among Rome’s biggest or most important performance halls, such as the Auditorium Parco della Musica.

But perhaps most importantly, the Romaeuropa Festival is not only about art and culture, but also about ground-breaking innovations in science and technology, presented through its Digital Life section (which is comparable to the famous TED Conferences). In the past, Digital Life has featured amazing projects, including the Romaeuropa Webfactory, the Sonarsound Rome, and the enthralling Sensi Sotto Sopra.

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